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Events 2015/16

""Bahr Academy presents: Graduation Ceremony 13th December 2015"" ->>>>> Venue: BAHR ACADEMY, BENWELL LANE, NE15 6LX"

Dec 2015: Bahr Academy Presents - Graduation Ceremony

Sunday 13th Dec

11:00 - 6:00PM

MAY 2015: Bahr Academy Presents - Fun Day

Saturday 16th (Women Only & Children) & Sunday 17th May (Men Only & Children)

11:00 - 6:00PM

DECEMBER 2014: Bahr Academy Presents:


Thursday 25th December - Men Only

12:45PM - Venue: Bahr Academy, Benwell Lane

How did Christmas originate? Was Jesus (AS) really crucified on the cross? When is dajjal coming? What fitna will dajjal bring with him? What does the current Middle East crisis have to do with evil dajjal?

Bayaan delivered by: MUFTI ABDULMUHEET (Founder of Bahr Academy), Guest speakers: MAULANA RIDHA (Imam of Shahjalal masjid), MAULANA SADIQUR (Imam of Madina masjid, Blyth)

OCTOBER 2014: Bahr Academy Presents - Sahih Al-Bukhari

Sunday 12th October - Men & Women Seperate Facilities

12:00 - 4:00PM

MAY 2014: Bahr Academy Presents - Fun Day

Saturday 24th (Women Only & Children) & Sunday 25th May (Men Only & Children)

11:00 - 6:00PM

Bahr Academy Humanitarian Aid: Food Bank

Food Bank for Local Community: We are appealing to all to donate non perishable food such tinned beans, peas, cereals, pasta, butter, powder milk to Bahr Academy which will go to the much needed people in our local communities - Muslims & Non Muslims. We feel privileged to serve everyone in need Muslims or Non Muslims.

Picture: Drawn by Students of Bahr Academy

DEC 2013: Bahr Academy Presents at Shahjalal Mosque

Talk on Wednesday 25th December 2013 - 1PM Zuhr to Magrib Salah

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OCT 2013: Bahr Academy Eid Salah.

MashaAllah the first Eid Salah at Bahr Academy took place on Tuesday 15th October 2013.

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Bahr Acadmy Presents Sheikhul Hadith Hazrat Moulana Bilal Saheb to talk about Marriage

Events 2012

DEC 2012: Christmas Presents to Bahr Neighbours

Bahr Academy has hand given Christmas presents to its Bahr Neighbours. They have been astonished by the kind attributes given.

Click here for Newcastle's Snow Patrol Team

Please click here to see how important it is to look after our neighbours regardless of their religion, colour or race.

DEC 2012: Multi Cultural Football Tournament

Bahr Academy organised a football tournament to conclude a very eventful year of 2012. The Bahr Academy winter football tournament 2012 was a huge success, collaborating teams from different parts of the North East and the already successful Sunday League teams in Centre for Sport, Newcastle. This attracted people from different backgrounds and culture to come together and compete for Bahr Academy trophy which created a thrilling and exciting atmosphere.

There were approximately 125 spectators and a total of 15 teams of 7 players entered into the 5-a-side tournament. K-5, who are in 1st position of the Sunday League, won the tournament in a tense clash against team ‘Warriors’, who came runners-up. Jazakumullahu-Khair to all the teams that participated. Congratulations to both teams who have worked hard to their way up to the final. Maasha-Allah!

Bahr Academy will kick-start 2013 with exciting and thrilling events and activities so watch this space!

APRIL 2012: Bahr Academy Fun Day

The most recent event which was held at the Mitre on April 2012 had around 600 guests throughout the weekend. There was stalls, bouncy castle, inflatables and so much more; something to do for everyone!

Events 2011

Flamingo Land

Bahr Academy has had a number of successful events. Alhamdulillah summer 2011 was jam-packed with trips and events. We arranged a weekend to Kielder, a trip to Flamingo Land, a football tournament, and finally to complete a magnificent summer, our annual Jalsah took place.